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Blackmagic Design Video Assist 4k impressions

I took the benefit of the 50% price reduction on the Video Assist range of monitor/recorders and purchased the 7″ 4k version as I was in the market for a second monitor to use with my Sony A7Sii and a6500 cameras. I wanted a monitor for use on my Ronin M gimbal and 2 camera interview setups, plus what attracted my to the Video Assist 4k is the ProRes recording capabilities and being able to record takes longer than 30 minutes.



Sony A7Sii & Commlite EF to E adaptor preview 


As a recent Sony A7Sii owner looking for an effective way of using my Zeiss ZE and Canon EF mount lenses, I went with the Commlite EF – E mount adaptor purchased from Amazon UK. Priced at £54.95 it promised autofocus, IS and aperture control of EF mount lenses, and based on reviews many owners had achieved success. Also a friend uses one with a A7s and Canon EF lenses and recommended it, so I thought it was worth a try.


Cheap Pocket Camera Battery Solution

I’ve been looking for a good battery solution for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC) as having around 30 minutes battery life with the internal batteries is a little limiting at times. I found fairly expensive solutions on the market, and some cheap alternatives from countries outside the UK but was put off by having to pay import duties (I’m cheap!). Eventually I found this battery plate on Amazon UK for £17 and decided to give it a try as I own several copy Sony NP- F970 batteries used for powering LED video lights. The plate comes with a mounting bracket and 2 cables. One cable fits the BMPCC 12v socket.  After a week of use I have found some positives and negatives.bmpcc_plate_01



The GH4 – an ideal setup



I have been using the Panasonic GH4 for almost a year at the time of writing this. In that time it has been promoted to my number 1 camera for commercial and corporate video production. It was bought as a second camera to compliment a Canon C100 but soon made my ownership of that great camera look rather pointless. I have now gone full circle in that I started my video production career with 1/3″ chip shoulder mount camcorders, then moved to Canon DSLRs, then the C100 and now I’ve returned to a DSLR in the form of the GH4.READ MORE