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iPhone 5

I recently upgraded from an iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5 as my contract was up. The differences are mainly aesthetic in that the phone is taller with the new bigger screen. It is however the same width as the 4, though the extra screen real estate is nice and gives the 5 a bigger feel which is still usable with one hand.

Speed is another big difference I have noticed. Apps on the 4 took a time to load whereas on the 5 they load almost instantly in most cases. Overall the 5 feels a lot more snappier, for example, the camera app loading to taking a photo is very quick compared to the 4. I used to have to ask people to wait or I missed the photo opportunity completely. Not good when you have small children performing funny Kodak moments!



Final Cut Pro X

I love Final Cut Pro X! There I said it. I love it. It’s a breath of fresh air. I’ve been using video editing software since Adobe Premiere 4. I moved to Final Cut Pro when I bought a Mac about 8 years ago. It was better and more powerful but not much different from Premiere. It got things done. But it lacked something. Over time it grew more abilities but basically stayed the same. As did its competitors.

In 2011 Apple did what it is good at. It gave us a new take on the NLE. Like it did with phones and tablets it revolutionised the NLE. Final Cut Pro X was released. It was different. “Think different” said Apple. “I don’t want to!” was the shout of Final Cut Pro 7 users. I bought it and immediately jumped in with both feet on a live freelance project for another video production company. At first I was confused. In a short time I was flying through the edit. I made mistakes. I sometimes pulled my hair out. But strangely I loved it! I embraced the complete paradigm change in video editing. I now love the file structure, the organisation of events. Keyword collections and auditions speed up editing and clip selection. Mutlicam is amazing compared to FCP7. Colour correction is very food for an NLE. I have grown to see the advantages of the magnetic timeline. The interface looks nice.



Macworld 2012: the aftermath

So there we have it. New operating systems with must have effects. The new iOS maps and individual mail account signatures had me won over! Wait a minute. Why have I got 4 email addresses?

What about the new retina MacBook Pro!! That is ‘pro’. My Final Cut Pro X would hum along nicely in that and look good as well. Read all about the keynote announcements here.

To eBay or not eBay. That is the question…


Mac World 2012

I know there will be some interesting iPhone and iOS developments along with OSx Mountain Lion previews. I’m most interested in the OSx release this summer as I like the look of new features like Reminders syncing over iCloud.

What I’m really interested in is new Mac hardware. The rumour sites say new Mac Pros as well as revised MacBooks and iMacs. We’ll see what happens.

Here’s a round up of rumours before the event.