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3 weeks with a Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion was released 3 weeks ago to the day on Wednesday 25th July. Since then I’ve read a lot about Professional Mac users holding off and testing it on secondary partitions and older Macs, etc. I, however, upgraded straight away having prepared my workhorse Mac Pro for the installation by performing backups. I ran the update over my existing Lion installation. The upgrade went smoothly and all works perfectly since then. The Mac Pro runs well. My main apps run well. These include FCPx and Adobe Creative Suite CS6 which I use daily in my video and graphic production business. I haven’t had any issues. I’m happy.

As for the many new features of Mountain Lion, the notification centre is excellent. I love the fact that I immediately know when I’ve received an email, a tweet, a reminder or a calendar alarm, as a small box appears in my screen offering me the option of reading/accepting or closing/declining. There is also a do not disturb feature to turn this off temporarily.



Wondrous Highlights: working with FCPx

I had the privilege of attending the Wondrous Elim Bible Week in the University of Ulster at the Jordanstown campus last week. My wife Charlotte is the current Elim Children’s Work Director and was heading up a team of workers under the title of Generation Next. We were staying in the excellent Delriada student accommodation in a family apartment with our 2 small boys.READ MORE


Macworld 2012: the aftermath

So there we have it. New operating systems with must have effects. The new iOS maps and individual mail account signatures had me won over! Wait a minute. Why have I got 4 email addresses?

What about the new retina MacBook Pro!! That is ‘pro’. My Final Cut Pro X would hum along nicely in that and look good as well. Read all about the keynote announcements here.

To eBay or not eBay. That is the question…


Mac World 2012

I know there will be some interesting iPhone and iOS developments along with OSx Mountain Lion previews. I’m most interested in the OSx release this summer as I like the look of new features like Reminders syncing over iCloud.

What I’m really interested in is new Mac hardware. The rumour sites say new Mac Pros as well as revised MacBooks and iMacs. We’ll see what happens.

Here’s a round up of rumours before the event.