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Commercial and Corporate Video Production and Graphic Design
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Graphic Design & Print

Your creative video & design production specialist.

Its what we’re good at.

In a crowded noisy market, we can help you shout louder! 

Come in and take a load off and find out how…







We are…

A Video Production Company

We love gadgets a little too much! Cameras are gadgets. We have a lot of cameras and too many lenses!

Pixol can help you achieve new goals through the use of video marketing. We can help you reveal a new product or showcase a service to your potential clients. We create visually captivating promotional videos that both attract and inform audiences.

We provide…

A freelance filming and editing service

One of our core services is filming and editing on a freelance basis for other video production companies and design agencies. Quite often businesses outsource video production and this is where our company is perfect for your needs. We provide all our own equipment and can complete your project from filming through to final delivery – all under your company umbrella of course.

We design…

Printed artwork

We love design. We love creating. And we love holding the final print in our hands.

From billboards and corporate brochures, to flyers and mail drops, we produce stunning print design that makes an unforgettable impression on the people you need to reach.

Our Clients

we’ve worked with some amazing people

Recent Blogs

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